Stencil work on walls: the lure of vintage cement effect

Have you ever heard of Suzanne Moxhay?

She is an English photographer and artist who strives to reveal the essence of derelict or neglected buildings by the complete or partial overlay of picture fragments from other places.

For instance, in her work Interiors (2014-2015), edifices are shown in a state of decrepitude and abandonment. Using decay as her empty canvas, Moxhay meticulously composites a new image with uncanny additions. She creates an entirely different landscape which brings to mind past eras and hybrid spaces suspended between reality and illusion.


This is just one of many examples of how a desire to create “lived-in” architectural spaces and wall decorations with a vintage feel is increasingly on the rise in modern society.

Today a vintage-effect wall is an unorthodox but apt reply to the perpetual pursuit of perfection which permeates all aspects of our life. An obsession that also enters our homes as we all too often

insist on making them look like something from the glossy pages of a home-décor brochure, overlooking the fact that it is imperfection that makes things unique and characterful.

METEORE 10 CEMENTO - Vintage Effect is the decorative effect created by VALPAINT’s Research & Development Laboratories for those times when you want to eke the retro soul out of each wall, elevating them with a nostalgic note, without sacrificing contemporary charm.

Let's take a look at some ideas for decorating indoor walls with stencils.




Stencils for wall decoration: the METEORE 10 CEMENTO - Vintage Effect collection

If we take a look around us, all the objects in the house have a story to tell.

Some of them have been with us since before we can remember, others are mementos from special occasions. Yet others were the outcome of much musing, difficult decisions and last-minute misgivings.

Can this “lived-in” sensation be transferred to the walls of our homes?

The METEORE 10 CEMENTO - Vintage Effect Collection is the answer you have been waiting for. This paint uses the intricate patterning achieved by stencil work to replicate images and textures that give our surfaces an innovative style where past and present resonate together.

This vintage-effect paint provides an attractive cement effect, bringing to the fore a precious sense of imperfection and incompleteness. With it, we embrace the importance of lived-in spaces, and their value and beauty.


The stencilled wall decorations celebrate the intrinsic aesthetic worth of cement, transforming it into modern contemporary design solutions. So, all you need is the right décor for a truly lyrical and bohemian “vintage-cement effect”.


Stencil template for walls: VALPAINT's solutions












The vintage-effect painted surfaces thatMETEORE 10 CEMENTO allows you to achieve with its wall stencils will help you discover the allure of the past without forgetting contemporary taste. Deep down, we know that poet Giovanni Pascoli was right when he wrote in his famous essay the Fanciullino (the little child): “Oh! How necessary imperfection is to perfection”.