Wall glitter: Add sparkle to your home with shimmery paints

Wall glitter: Add sparkle to your home with shimmery paints

When you open the wardrobe each morning to decide what to wear, you’re choosing how to present yourself. Clothes say a lot about us, our moods, and how we tackle the daily routine.

Ever thought that the same might apply to the rooms we live in and spend time in? Choosing how to dress the walls and spaces of your home  is like selecting an outfit to frame your day.

We could say that wall dressing is an art form. Using a well-chosen decorative paint to do this means adding the right value to your space.

In this guide, our aim is to shed some light on a product that can add luminosity and luxury to any interior, glitter paint.

Often undervalued or overlooked when it comes to home decor, glitter paints are in fact a valuable ally. In small rooms, they help illuminate a space, while they can bring a vibrant personal touch to a larger setting.

How to use glitter paints in the home Which to choose How can I use glitter paints on coloured walls? Read on to find out!


How to paint a glitter wall

In general, you have two options when it comes to creating a glitter wall:

1) Use a glitter additive in your chosen paint

This is certainly the quickest way to create a glitter wall. Simply mix the paint carefully with the additive and apply as normal.

2) Choose a decorative paint that already contains glitter

Let’s explore further.


Glitter paint additive: With STAR by VALPAINT, you can add an elegant touch of shine to your walls

STAR by VALPAINT is a special water-based additive containing coloured fragments that give a beautiful shine and sparkle to the decorated surface.

Mix the additive into your chosen decorative paint. Once applied, it will catch the light to create a beautiful iridescent effect.

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Glitter wall colours

With STAR glitter additives you can have 6 different shades:

• silver
• gold
• copper
• blue
• green
• purple


Glitter paints add an elegant sparkle to any room

A truly sophisticated way to decorate the walls of your home with glitter paints is to choose a decorative paint aimed at “shine addicts”.

VALPAINT’s range of wall paints includes a number of options which are perfect for this task. Some examples include:



KLONDIKE AND KLONDIKE LIGHT are interior paints that incorporate shimmering metallic fragments for an enhanced golden, silvery, or oxidised effect.

The glitter is "trapped" in the metallic shades of the paint, creating a modern, contemporary finish.

These products are easy to apply, available in different shades, and offer you the opportunity to play with light, for a modern, contemporary look.



Maybe a sand-effect paint already has its own kind of sparkle? SABULADOR AND SABULATOR SOFT contain special luminescent sand reflections. They come in two types: LUX, the classic version with a more luminous effect, and MATT, the opaque version.

A unique way to create a distinctive, sophisticated space using glitter paint.


Glitter wall images

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