Wall stencils: wall decorations with a vintage vibe

Stencilled walls: wall decorations with a vintage vibe

A city instantly comes to mind - Bristol. And a name (actually a pseudonym) - Banksy.


Because he is Mr Stencilled Wall himself, a living legend and true master of street art. Banksy primarily makes use of stencilling for his “underground urban” incursions: a sure stroke and off like a flash, leaving behind a feast for the eyes. This technique is quick, allowing the artist to work swiftly with colours that dry almost instantly because unwieldy brushes are replaced by spray paint.


But what do we mean by stencils exactly?

The term stencil refers to a special template that can be made from a number of materials and which allows you to apply a cut-out design to a hard surface. It could be lettering in a particular typeface, or an artistic drawing featuring a variety of different outlines.

There is no doubt that Banksy’s take on wall stencilling is an extraordinarily contemporary and unusual feat to which few can aspire, however this versatile technique can help us to create solutions that are absolutely unique from an aesthetic point of view. Even when our “canvas” happens not to be outdoor suburban walls, but rather the inside of a living room.

Would you like to know how stencil painting can refresh interiors and make surfaces impactful and memorable? Keep on reading: you’ll be amazed...


Stencil decoration for walls: VALPAINT’s METEORE 10 CEMENTO for a vanguard vintage vibe

One of the most technologically advanced companies in Italy for the decorative-effect sector, VALPAINT has carried out in-depth research into the wall-stencilling field. And the painstaking work of its in-house laboratories has paid off, allowing it to create a product that is quite unique in this sector: METEORE 10 CEMENTO EFFETTO VINTAGE.
The product is based on METEORE 10 CEMENTO, a natural water-based tactile coating for interiors which was devised to replicate a series of different cement effects.  Taking this as a base, you can use decorative stencils to recreate various pictures and patterns that will make any environment look truly unique and dramatically striking.


The resultant setting will have a minimalist modern feel and the stencil work, which is quintessentially retro, will take on fresh contemporary charm that is bound to be admired by everyone.


In a nutshell, the trick is to reproduce original decorations that have been buried under one layer of paint after another over the passing years. In this sense, METEORE 10 CEMENTO EFFETTO VINTAGE does much more than create a newly decorated wall. It becomes a way to inject newness into the setting while evoking old-world allure and stirring up all the feelings and memories associated with it.

(If you want more details, try reading this article too: “Stencil work on walls: the lure of vintage cement effect”)


How to decorate your home with modern wall stencils

As long as they are chosen properly, wall stencils can be used in any room of the house:

• if you need to decorate an extensive wall surface, it is best to go for geometric stencil patterns;



• if you want to your kitchen to look unique, you could experiment with leaf-pattern stencilling;


•  on the other hand, you can create a cosy romantic atmosphere in the bedroom by opting for floral-pattern stencil decorations;


•  you can use stencils to refresh and brighten a child’s bedroom - one idea could be to use stencils that reproduce a picture of cogwheels inside a watch;


Wall stencils for large living rooms



Stencils for kitchen walls


Stencils for bedroom walls