Distinctive paints: decorative wall effects with an unexpected twist

Autumn has always been a season for re-evaluating our life choices.

It is a bit like new year filled with resolutions and good intentions: joining the gym, starting a new project, reading more books, dedicating more time to ourselves… well, the list is endless, isn’t it?

And this re-evaluation of our choices seems to extend to all areas of our lives. Including the household. Of course, our home has taken on particular importance for us this year because, after all that has happened, it is a safe haven more than ever.

And so, this fresh “start to the year” is the best time to get rid of dusty cushions, old furniture and wall colours which are drab and humdrum.

But how do you give your wall an original look? What trends are design addicts mainly obsessed with at the moment?

Let's take a look at them together with the full range of VALPAINT indoor wall paints!


Distinctive modern paints: the hottest ideas for creating an unforgettable atmosphere at home

If someone had asked our grandparents what colour the house walls should be, they are most likely to have replied “Well, white!”. A lot has changed since then.

• We are much more mindful of our home environment and considered in our choices.
• We take quite a different approach to our surrounds.
• We don’t see our rooms in the same way; they are not just plain walls on which to hang the odd picture, but rather special versatile spaces which can comfort us with a sensation of well-being and a positive vibe.

Our grandparents’ white walls have become the blank canvases of our modern age on which we can experiment with new indoor painting techniques and inject any setting with the desired personality, whether it be an official reception room or a more private intimate space.

VALPAINT, a lead player in the wall-paint industry has embraced this tide of innovation. In its Research & Development laboratory, it works relentlessly to create technologically-advanced products able to bring about distinctive effects which would have been unimaginable until just recently.

So, here are some modern ideas for decorating the walls of your home.


Back… down to earth: the modern sand-effect paints

A need to rediscover nature and enjoy tactile finishes has given rise to products that are reminiscent of earth in terms of colours and the feelings they inspire. 

For instance, VALPAINT's SABULADOR and SABULADOR SOFT feature distinctive luminescent sand-like reflections and are perfect for creating unique refined atmospheres where you can “relive” a welcoming sensation of warmth.


ROCOCÒ STUCCO VENEZIANO 500 alla calce: the eternal allure of marble

ROCOCÒ STUCCO VENEZIANO 500 alla calce is ageless and does not fear the passing of the seasons.
Not only does it endure fleeting fashions, it uses them to throw its slough and take on a new guise with fresh unusual shades and modern graphic effects.

Made up of marble dust, lime and water, this VALPAINT wall paint is the perfect choice for interior-design projects which particularly focus on elegance and refinement.

But that's not all. VALPAINT’s special formulation means that you get both aesthetic results and practicality at the same time. Meaning:
1) being a lime-based paint, the application of ROCOCÒ STUCCO VENEZIANO 500 alla calce guarantees excellent breathability of the wall and helps to stop dampness from collecting;
2) as this is a product with a “smooth” composition, it works against the attachment of fungal growth and prevents the formation of mould even in areas where condensation tends to build up;
3) the waxing of ROCOCÒ STUCCO VENEZIANO 500 alla calce also makes walls completely water-repellent.

If you want to learn more about this, you can also read “Stucco veneziano - Venetian Plaster: decorative paint that offers regal elegance”.


Oxidised metals: the personality of distinctive walls made with KLONDIKE

Interior designers everywhere are eyeing up oxidised metals with rapt attention and clear admiration. It must be something to do with the extraordinary possibilities offered by these wall paints because corten-style decorative effects are always in high demand whenever a visually striking aesthetic is required.

VALPAINT’s KLONDIKE CORTEN is made up of ceramic microspheres and siloxanic components and allows you to recreate the effect of weathered time-worn metals.

It is perfect for indoor use in very characterful settings, but also ideal for outdoor use where it creates a classic “lotus effect” - when drops of rainwater strike the paint, they just roll off the surface and run away.


VALPAINT I-BETON: the continuous surface coating for distinctive walls

VALPAINT I-BETON is a decorative wall effect with an extremely distinctive innovative aesthetic. It allows you to create micro-cement-effect coatings for a variety of surfaces, such as the bathroom, the kitchen and flooring.

With a product like this, functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. Because VALPAINT I-BETON:

• makes decorative surfaces water-resistant;
• is available in a vast range of nuances and two surface finishes (matte and glossy), so you can design settings with solutions and colour combinations which will exceed any interior-design expectations;
• allows you to create projects that have no continuity solutions between horizontal and vertical surfaces.

To find out more: “VALPAINT I-BETON resin for walls and floors: the continuous-surface coating”


Special-effect wall paint: POLISTOF

Of the various VALPAINT product innovations, a particular mention must go to POLISTOF, a distinctive paint for fabric-effect walls.

The allure of this decorative effect is not only to be found in its plush velvety texture, but also in the eye-catching gleaming micro-crystals which turn walls into “sparkling fabrics” - a furnishing expedient which lends visual balance as well as functionality.

Do you want to find out about everything that POLISTOF can do? Read “Fabric-Effect wall paint: all the features of POLISTOF”.