VALPAINT research and development laboratory

The heart of our business, allowing us to create our unique and exclusive products

VALPAINT is regarded as one of the most advanced companies from a technological point of view, thanks to the dynamic activities of its Research and Development laboratory. The continuous search for cutting-edge and eco-sustainable solutions allowed VALPAINT to eliminate the use of substances that are damaging to people’s health and the environment by replacing them with green alternatives made with natural and renewable raw materials.


This search begins by carefully selecting and retaining certified suppliers. We also collaborate with qualified entities such as universities and specialised laboratories. Products are then developed by applying the best scientific methods in order to always offer our customers the best in terms of both QUALITY and PERFORMANCE.


The recent introduction of technical and high-performance products allowed us to achieve various certifications. Specific and customised tests are carried out on our customer’s most common requirements with pride and scientific rigour, and in compliance with both European and International standards.


Research and development at VALPAINT  is designed to provide continuous improvement.



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