How should you paint the walls of your holiday home?

Discover all the tips on how to decorate your holiday home! Whether it’s by the sea, up in the mountains or out in the countryside, here are the top solutions for creating your perfect space.

How should you paint the walls of your holiday home? Ideas and tips for welcoming spaces

Finally... the holidays!
This year, perhaps more than ever, we have dreamt, waited and longed for that carefree, happy holiday feeling. And a holiday home has become the preferred choice for a deserved break in familiar and comfortable surroundings.

Purpose-built holiday homes have always had different structural and functional characteristics compared to residential buildings in cities that are inhabited throughout most of the year. This is because second homes are intended to meet a different set of requirements.

• There is a different balance between indoor and outdoor spaces: during the summer, we spend a lot more time outdoors so greater attention is paid to terraces, balconies, porticoes and gardens.

• At the same time, indoor spaces need to offer enough space and comfort, and they also need to be easy to maintain, minimising the time spent cleaning.

• The organisation of indoor spaces tends to favour solutions that promote shared living: open-plan living areas, bedrooms often reduced to minimal dimensions, and more bathrooms for greater privacy and more independence for any guests.

When you decide to renovate your holiday home, these are the general factors to be considered.

Generally speaking, renovations can be divided into two main categories:
1) complete renovations involving significant structural changes, demolition and building work;
2) more minor renovations with partial renewal, replacement of coatings, replacement of doors and windows, and painting and decorating.

Painting the walls certainly falls into this second category, and it is a process that people tend to underestimate. However, choosing the right colours to paint your walls is essential not only from an aesthetic perspective but also in terms of defining the spaces themselves.


Painting walls to define spaces: VALPAINT solutions

For more comprehensive renovations where the layout of the house is completely redefined, and where there is a desire to generate a greater sense of space, decisions on how the walls are painted take on primary importance.

The decorative products offered by VALPAINT allow creation of chromatic elements that define the perception of space. Increasing the sense of space is possible by using materials capable of covering large areas and creating single-colour continuous surfaces.

Specifically, VALPAINT E-VOLUTION and VALPAINT I-BETON have aesthetic and performance characteristics allowing them to guarantee continuous coloured surfaces that can be used in many different ways in a design.

The VALPAINT E-VOLUTION cycle features three different finishes that allow design of holiday-home interiors according to a preferred taste or style:
• effects generated by other DECORATIVE products


The VALPAINT I-BETON cycle is a coating with a micro-cement effect that allows creation of continuous single-colour surfaces (to find out more, read “VALPAINT I-BETON, resin for walls and floors: the continuous-surface coating”).

One key feature of these products (which can be used with a matt or gloss finish) is that they can also be applied onto existing tiles without removing them, allowing significant savings in terms of costs and above all time.


Tips on how to paint the walls of your holiday home

When discussing renovation of a holiday home, we generally focus on technical work. Statistically, this generally involves bathrooms, where it is necessary to upgrade old surface finishes or perhaps resolve water-infiltration problems, broken pipes and other situations that often arise in buildings that are only used intermittently.

However, in addition to these technical considerations, it is important not to overlook the aesthetics. Depending on the setting, the symbolism of a place can guide the choice of one material over another.

With is vast range of decorative products, VALPAINT is able to offer solutions that satisfy both the desires and needs of those looking for unique decorating ideas for their walls.


How to create an original look in a house by the sea

For holiday homes by the sea, symbolism may be represented by colours, aromas and the chromatic experiences that these places inspire.

Bringing the beach and the sea into the home is certainly one option with VALPAINT products. The sand, with its gentle nuances, is represented by the products SABULADOR and SABULADOR SOFT, top sand-effect products, and also by MAVERICKS, which mirrors the movement of ocean waves.


Ideas for decorating the walls of a holiday home in the mountains

For a mountain holiday home, materials that can be used include METEORE 10 MARMORIZZATO, which offers a marble effect, or products with metallic finishes bringing to mind historic tools and the bolts on the doors of old mountain lodges.

Metallic decorative products include KLONDIKE (link), KLONDIKE LIGHT (link), KLONDIKE FERRO (link) and KLONDIKE CORTEN (link)  that can also be used on indoor surfaces.

(To learn more about the characteristics and creative potential of these decorative paints, you can also read:

• for METEORE 10 MARMORIZZATO: “Marble-effect paint: a decorative effect that bespeaks the living beauty of nature
• for KLONDIKE: “Metallic-effect paint: even iron is cool with KLONDIKE
• for corten-effect paint: “Corten-effect paint: the elegance of a rusty glow”)


Decorating your country holiday home

For holiday homes out in the countryside, there is an array of different symbols from which to draw inspiration.

Where to start? One good place is the building’s history, particularly for structures with an interesting heritage. Often, these considerations begin with all the elements of the current building and those that time has concealed, perhaps behind a layer of old plaster.

METEORE 10 CEMENTO Vintage Cement Effect has been created with this approach in mind: discover what time has hidden away, bringing it back into the light. Using the stencils and dense material, it is possible to recreate old decorations that have been hidden over time.

Discover the full range of VALPAINT indoor paints! With numerous finishes in our catalogue, you can paint your holiday home using the most on-trend colours and meet all interior-design requirements with exciting shades, textures and technical solutions.