VALPAINT’s sustainable philosophy

environmental quality certifications


VALPAINT has adhered to a philosophy of Sustainability for many years, and is actively committed to this incredibly important issue.

As early as 2006 it obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Certification, followed by the ISO 14001 Environmental Certification in 2009, recognising respect for the environment within the context of production processes.

The company’s quality management system guarantees high standards of performance in its products and processes.

The concept of respect for the environment affects all sectors of the company across the board, from production all the way to the end consumer.


The wooden panels chosen by VALPAINT for use in its showrooms and racks are compliant in terms of their formaldehyde emissions.


Thanks to its new paint cans, VALPAINT is among the winners of Ecopack 2022, the contest held by the Conai consortium to promote eco-friendly design. The competition rewards companies that have chosen the most innovative and eco-sustainable packaging solutions. This accolade recognises the value of our approach, which focuses on the environmental sustainability of both our product packaging and our decorative paints


When VALPAINT participates in Trade Fairs, the displays are produced right there on site as much as possible, in an effort to minimise the quantity of merchandise being transported and reduce the environmental impact of travel.


VALPAINT uses a system for the purification of industrial waters. This versatile, efficient system enables management of the contaminants present in industrial waste, leading to an improvement in the company’s environmental and operational management. The result of all this is a reduction in the consumption and waste of water resources, the re-use of such resources, and the smart management of any waste, with only sewage sludge being sent to landfill.


Since 2019, we have improved the energy efficiency of our plant thanks to the activation of a solar PV system. This step allowed us to reduce the amount of CO2 released into the environment by more than 1,200,000 kg, the equivalent of the amount of CO2 absorbed by 7,200 trees.


VALPAINT has contributed to and supported the Orizzonte Autonomia charity in its purchase of a Sensory Room. The mission of this association is to support the growth and development of children and young people with mobility impairments, helping them to achieve greater independence and social integration.

The Fondazione Ospedale Salesi charity is dedicated to making sure that the new paediatric hospital in Ancona is not just a national centre of reference for highly specialised cases, but also a care facility that reduces the trauma of a hospital stay so that children can feel at ease. VALPAINT contributed to and supported the “Non solo farfalla” charity event focused on eating disorders.

VALPAINT supports and contributes to the Ancona Yacht Club’s “Una Vela per Tutti” project aimed at people with psychosocial issues, combining a theoretical and practical sailing course with intensive group psychotherapy. The purpose of the project is to allow every individual to discover their resourcefulness and skills, in a context of teamwork and growth.

VALPAINT offers steady, continuous contributions and collaboration to this organisation, which financially supports associations, foundations, cooperatives and other non-profit organisations for inclusion and independence projects in the challenging world of autism and disabilities.

VALPAINT supports theatre performances dealing with human relationships. With an unflinching and poetic look at society, a sense of irony and irreverence accompany the audience on an exploration of the beauty that can be found in diversity.

Lega del Filo d’Oro is a leading foundation which assists, educates, rehabilitates and advocates for deafblind and multi-sensory impaired individuals, empowering them to reach their potential and achieve the greatest possible independence. VALPAINT has long supported this foundation through different fund-raising initiatives, during events involving VALPAINT personnel and collaborators.

With its participation in the 45th edition of YAPI - TURKEYBUILD Istanbul in 2023, VALPAINT made a donation to this association which will support the education of 250 children in areas stricken by the earthquake for one year.

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