Mavericks: the sea effect decoration

Mavericks is the latest decorative paint from the house of VALPAINT, with an effect which will surprise you.

Mavericks arrives from a long way off, indeed we were inspired by California, by the most famous location on the North California coast (a destination for big-time surfers) to create an effect similar to reflections from the sea.

With Mavericks you seem to have the water within arm's reach, a fine swimming pool or a beautiful seascape with sparkling reflections which you could dive into.



Mavericks: available in 25 colours


Mavericks is a water-based interior paint, available in 25 beautiful colours. From an intense blue to a delicate pastel pink, passing through metallic tones (bronze and silver).



Discover all the Mavericks finishes.

Mavericks is perfect for emphasising a wall: such as, for example, the one at the head of a bed. 


How to apply Mavericks

Applying Mavericks requires a considerable amount of skill (contact us to find your nearest professional applier). Our video tutorial explains in simple terms all the processes, equipment and products involved in applying it.





The special Mavericks application kit includes the patented VALPAINT double brush, the PV 103 brush and the special twin can carrier to enable you to apply the two Mavericks colour shades simultaneously.