Minimal Style in the kitchen: 3 ideas to personalize your walls.

Lately interior design is continuing more and more towards the direction of minimal style: simple, clean. linear but also of great effect. Often the details make the difference and give character to the house. For example, you can choose to make a kitchen without wall units but without having to give up the space, even using the space under a peninsula.

A minimalist kitchen can prove to be extremely functional as it is equipped to such a point that it offers maximum comfort, both in terms of space and content, even if it is based on a few simple elements.

But we also talk about decorative! Here are 3 ideas in full Minimal Style:

1 - Concrete effect: simple and modern, mainly reminding of metropolitan style.


2 - Klondike Ferro: particular and eclectic, it goes perfectly with kitchens that are developed on one floor.


3 - VALPAINT E-VOLUTION:  Valpaint decorative paint suited for the house, waterproof and resistant, perfect for covering the kitchen in a safe and elegant way, as an alternative to the old tiles.


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