Forest Green Shade: the trendy colour in 2019 for furnishing !

A rich and intense green, with a dark emerald shade. This color tone is already an official trend of 2019 for the furniture. Trends for interior design 2019 indicate green as a guiding color: recalling a style that is closer to the environment, it reveals a tendency to rediscover the desire to live closely to nature, also from the point of view of creativity.

Belonging to the family of cold colors the green hue has a relaxing and relaxing effect, conveys tranquility and brings a happy and serene mood, according to chromo therapy. Being a rather dark color tone, it adapts very well to spaces full of light, without however excluding the less bright rooms. Combine it with golden furnishing objects to create a very rich and elegant style.

Lately everyone has an attentive eye for the environment: on the market, we can find more and more certified ecological, non-polluting materials, produced with eco-sustainable processing processes, wall and natural wall coverings, or synthetic, but always free from harmful substances, free from elements that release volatile compounds in the air you breathe. In this regard, VALPAINT, which has always paid close attention to the subject, has decided to become more and more GREEN! To find out more, click here.

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