One of the new trends in Interior Design is to create walls with a crumbling effect, also called distressed walls, as if they were ruined. This style creates striking spaces, rich in character and perfectly matching the Industrial or Shabby Chic style. The dilapidated walls underline the furnishing elements or help to contrast, creating interesting atmospheres.

In order to make an aged wall there are different techniques that employ different materials and therefore create different results. One of the decorative paints created by Valpaint to create this style is KLONDIKE CORTEN, which faithfully reproduces the original rust effect, with its particular metal oxidation.


There are spaces striking at first sight, giving a new vision of reality. Choosing KLONDIKE CORTEN it is a step outside of the box . Suitable for private and public spaces, where the appearance of ruined and ancient is given with walls still full of a story to tell. In the indoor environments, the roughness and imperfections characteristic of the industrial environments of the early 1900s are fully alive.

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