Urban Style: personalize and decorate an environment with contemporary notes, metropolitan and industrial atmospheres.

Thanks to this unique style it is possible to create trendy environments while maintaining a warm, colorful and welcoming atmosphere. A sophisticated and flexible style, which thanks to its versatility can be easily used in private residences, offices or shops.



Urban style furniture is best expressed in lofts and open-spaces: each room must give a feeling of spaciousness. Perfect for this style are the unique environments, within which the eye sweeps free, with walls painted in neutral tones and a few pieces of furniture to complete the composition in an essential but effective way. Old industrial lamps, pipes to be used such as furniture frames or simple wall decorations, old typewriters or sewing machines, floor-standing or ceiling-mounted fans, antique trunks or wall clocks, rough metal shelving, mannequins and stools for the bedrooms are just a few ideas to complete the furniture. Any object of this type is perfect to give an extra touch to the urban style, even if the decoration must remain essential and with few elements to avoid a feeling of chaos.



Urban style colors are generally neutral and rough: white, gray, cream or brick-colored. These colors are used on the walls and floors as bases to build the sought contrasts, with other elements of furniture in bright colors. It is also possible, for a more impactful effect, to color some walls with stronger colors to create contrast with the others in neutral tones. To realize these nuances we bring here the example of SABULADOR SOFT, a light touch painting that creates the perfect environment thanks to the wide range of colors. It is a water-based paint for interiors equipped with exclusive and bright reflections of sand. 




With SABULADOR SOFT you can create elegant and original environments, in urban and modern style. SABULADOR SOFT is a painting of remarkable quality as it is breathable, washable and can be over coated with any water-based paint. In this article you can see the ref. silver and silver 100 + 484E.

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