June products from Valpaint

June is a perfect month for touching up the house and tapping into new inspiration to update your surrounds. Here are our two star products for June 2018.



KLONDIKE CORTEN is Valpaint’s new coating suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It boasts those typical rusty-iron hues which give a surprisingly striking look and faithfully reproduce the effect of Corten steel with its subtle colour variations and marbling associated with oxidised metal surfaces.
This product has a vast field of application:
- cladding on building façades
- inside walls
- objets d’art
- furnishing accessories

KLONDIKE CORTEN well befits living areas boasting geometric pared-back lines as well as contemporary-looking comfortable lounges taking their cues from industrial style.

Decorative effects can be achieved in two different variants - KLONDIKE CORTEN MID and KLONDIKE CORTEN TOP. The latter is more breathable and washable with a lotus-effect: if it rains, droplets of water trickle down the wall surface, bringing most of the dust deposits with them.



POLISTOF by Valpaint is a polychromatic water-based paint for interiors with a special velvety effect that imbues all settings with a delightfully elegant modern feel. Because of its intrinsic softness, Polistof falls more into the category of a furnishing “fabric”. It really is a multi-sensory decorative paint that captivates the eye and is enjoyable to touch.
If desired, you can also add the L50 additive to POLISTOF and all the surfaces to which it has been applied will gain an amazingly attractive sheen and shine. A masterful finishing touch for unique and dramatic surrounds.

POLISTOF can be used on walls and interior columns and provides an appealing aesthetic featuring a velvety, denim or shantung finish. Endowed with cutting-edge technology, it delivers outstanding resistance and washability. Polistof is the best choice to refresh your surrounds and uplift them with luminous shades that add a refined elegant touch to any kitchen.

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