Hollywood: the perfect additive to add a splash of colour to your summer

In summertime, everyone feels like ringing the changes and adding colour and life to listless surfaces in want of a modern touch. Which is why Valpaint has decided to amp up its decorative paints with a fluorescent water-based additive called HOLLYWOOD.
Mixed with other decorative paints, this additive helps you to achieve some novel aesthetic effects. Bright and shiny, HOLLYWOOD comes into its own in interiors in which colour and chromatic vibrancy play a prominent role.



Available in 6 gorgeous fluorescent shades, HOLLYWOOD comes alive with blacklight sources. The perfect way to give a special touch to the children's room and turn around public premises, pizzerias, restaurants and discos with an off-beat vibe.


Valpaint's HOLLYWOOD additive must be applied directly to the paints and mixed before use. It looks fluorescent in natural daylight and in blacklight it can be used to elevate the following decorative paints:
Artecò 7
Sabulador Soft
Klondike Light
Velidor Fine.

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