Gold and Silver: decorating with festive colours.

With Christmas approaching, there's a growing desire for glittering colours, and gold and silver are the leading choice for Christmas tree and home decorations and gift wraps.


But are these colours only suitable for Christmas? Having a house in fully-fledged Christmas array even in August is certainly not the best idea, but if you use these colours carefully they can be part of your home decor throughout the year.


Accessories such as mirrors and picture frames as well as actual furniture items have already given the go-ahead to gold and silver as colours. In its range of decorative paints, VALPAINT offers a number of ideas for wall decorations using these colours, with multiple effects each one different from the next.


Pure gold and silver: choose Sabulador Soft


If the effect you are after really is a golden effect, then the right decorative product for you is Sabulador Soft: its colour intensity and brilliance will leave you speechless. But it is all very easy just to say gold: whereas the shades of gold (ORO 200) on offer are different and change according to the base colour with which they are mixed. It is the same with Argento 100.

An interesting variant is provided by Alluminio 300.






Metallic effects

If you would like gold and silver to have a more metallic effect, the right decorative choices for you are Klondike and Klondike Light for a modern, up-to-date result or Artecò 7 Metal for a more classic effect.


Pure elegance with fabric effects

An effect as smooth as silk comes from Valsetin, or the luxurious feel of fabrics such as shantung or velvet if you choose the delicacy of Polistof and Polibril.






Gold and silver Glitter

Conversely, if you would like just a glittering feel with these colours, help will come from Additive Star, which can be added to the Valpaint decorative colours: available in six shades which obviously includes gold and silver.