Hollywood additive: the beauty of fluorescent colours

Six beautiful, intense and spectacular fluorescent colours that come to life each in a different way, depending on the Valpaint decorative paint to which they are added.

Orange, yellow, shocking pink, purple, light blue and green. These are the six colours of the Hollywood fluorescent additive to be added to Valpaint decorative paints for decorating children's bedrooms, public venues such as cafés, restaurants, discotheques, and any environment where colour must emerge prominently.


How to use Hollywood

The Hollywood additive must be poured directly into the Valpaint decorative paint, then thoroughly mixed before application. For optimal aesthetic results, we recommend using Hollywood together with the following Valpaint decorative paints: Artecò 7, Sabulador, Sabulador Soft, Klondike, Klondike Light, Valsetin and Velidor Fine.

The outcome will vary depending on the chosen decorative product:

extremely bright with Sabulador and Valsetin, more intense with Klondike Light.




The fluorescent effect of Hollywood is visible under both natural and black light.