The stripe craze

When we consider decorating a wall, we tend to think of a single colour. A very trendy and captivating solution, however, is to alternate coloured stripes and decorative stripes.

This type of decoration creates some interesting effects when mixing decorative paints with a distinct personality, or very intense colours, which would appear too invasive if used on their own or on very broad surfaces. Another aspect to consider is the cost involved. Using decorative paint on smaller surfaces requires less material and thus implies a lower final cost.



Application made by Endekosis with Klondike


If decorating a wall with professional decorative paint may prove difficult for those not accustomed to it, decorating with stripes is even more daunting. We therefore recommend contacting a professional painter for guaranteed results.


Choosing the colours

You can choose between a tone-on-tone solution (and vary the decorative effect by alternating, for example, a satin finish like Valrenna and a gloss finish like Rococò), or contrasting or complementary colours.



Application made by perfectino entreprise de dècoration with Klondike



Another alternative is to choose an intense decorative paint, like Meteore 8 or Klondike, and combine it with Polistof or Sabulador.




If, instead, you prefer not seeing the stripes during the day ... simply use Magic Light and they will magically appear at night only, when the light is switched off. This may also be an optimal solution for creating a bright area when you do not wish to completely darken certain environments, such as corridors or children's rooms, for example.



Let's talk about stripes


They can be either horizontal – to give the impression of a longer room – or vertical (recommended for smaller surfaces). You can choose between thin stripes for a fabric-type effect (the application demands greater care in this case), and wide stripes. You can also vary the width/height, though it is always advisable to choose the same size to have a neater effect.



Application made by Endekosis with Klondike Light


If instead you want to impress and defy conventions, you can choose a herringbone pattern with 45° stripes ... in other words, let your imagination roam free (and test your painter's patience!!).


Our Pinterest board contains a few decoration ideas taken from the Web, to help you find the desired effect!