Meteore 8: the versicoloured and material decorative paint

Meteore 8 is one of the most sought-after VALPAINT decorative paints due to the effects it can create.


Imagine a paint where the brush strokes become a decisive element of the decoration, by creating a smooth surface with a distinct material appearance.

With Meteore 8, colour takes centre-stage as it captures metallic fragments and reflects them differently each time, depending on the light and on the viewer's position.


Meteore 8: technical features


The main feature of Meteore 8 is its material appearance, which produces a visually appealing three-dimensional effect that is pleasant to the touch. Meteore 8 can be applied with several techniques (smooth, trowelled, veined, floral) to create vastly different effects. Another distinctive aspect of this decorative paint is its versicoloured properties, which create elegant metallic and pearlescent effects that change in relation to the viewer's position and the light present in the room.



Furnishing ideas with Meteore 8


Meteore is a decorative paint with a distinct personality that enhances the environments it decorates: it is ideal for enhancing living room elements or emphasizing a corridor wall that has been inconspicuous for too long. Its properties also shine when decorating the wall behind a bed (below we include other ideas for