Afraid of the Dark: how Magic Light can help children overcome their fear

Fear of the dark is a phobia that often affects children aged from 2 to 6 years and prevents them from sleeping peacefully in their own bedroom.

We spoke about it to Francesco Pieroni, a qualified expert in Child Development and Education:


“Fear of the dark is defined as atavistic, that is, it is inherent in the sub-conscious part of our DNA and dates back to time immemorial and is part of a normal development process. The loss of points of reference that occurs in the dark, frightens children and makes them feel vulnerable and less easily protected against any dangers.”



What can you do to help your child overcome fear?


“Turning on a little light that allows a child to have points of reference in the room will help him/her to sleep more peacefully. Inventing little imaginative games with the items in the room can also help the child to focus attention on reassuring items.”


Decorating the bedroom with Magic Light, the decorative VALPAINT that can store light from daylight hours and release it gently at night, can help a child to get through this natural period of fear. Drawing some pictures using stencils and playing with the special wooden torch by drawing and writing on the wall with light together with their parents will help to create a more peaceful and reassuring environment.




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