Corten effect: the birth of true tech-design

Corten steel, with its original weathered effect, is currently one of the most popular materials available.

VALPAINT has created a decorative water-based paint which reproduces the Corten effect and which may be applied to both indoor and outdoor surfaces.





Corten: the Klondike range of decorative paints is extended.


Klondike Corten extends the range of Klondike decorative paints: after the original Klondike, with its dark oxidised metal effects, and Klondike Light, with its light pastel shades, comes Klondike Corten.





Klondike Corten


Klondike Corten is the latest VALPAINT decorative paint, introduced in 2016, with the deep and intense colours of Corten steel (available in a full 9 nuances).




Klondike Corten can be applied in two ways: with Dripping Effect and with Trowelled Effect. The paint is available in two versions, Klondike Corten MID and Klondike Corten TOP. The latter paint, more breathable and with the important “lotus effect”, can "wash itself", as the raindrops slide more easily over its surface, removing a large amount of the dust particles present.




More info on Klondike Corten (link to product data sheet).