Spring is around the corner, it's time to freshen up the walls!

Spring is the ideal time to freshen up the walls, change a colour we no longer like and renew the rooms, without having to revolutionise the entire home.


Why in spring?

Spring is the most suitable season for painting walls owing to the moderate temperature and humidity levels, besides the fact that it's easier to aerate environments.

These are optimal conditions for applying paint and decorative finishes, to ensure perfect performance and an impeccable outcome.


Which colours should we choose for spring?

Choose pastel shades to add some colour to the home, perhaps not for all 4 walls but only certain surfaces, in order to emphasise elements such as pilasters, niches, walls behind the bed or in the entrance, or the TV wall. These colours will add a distinctive touch to the rooms without being excessively overwhelming and eventually tiresome.




Ideas for decorating the home

Don't limit yourself to colour alone: try the effects of decorative paints which will add character and style to any room with just a few touches.


A few straightforward, non-invasive ideas will revitalise the look of your environments in an instant.



If, on the other hand, you are not fond of colours and prefer white, look to VALPAINT Light Selection.

The light shades of the selected decorative paints will conquer you with their elegance and simplicity.