Italian architectural tradition is undoubtedly a starting point for modernising all those traditions and crafts that have made our country culturally unique. This is also true for decorative finishes, the revisitation of what has been done before allowing us to propose new materials with a strong link to the past.



METEORE 10 PLASTER represents the perfect synthesis of this concept: Being a textured decorative coating with a strong cultural identity that can be used to produce colours and different surface finishes (Venetian plaster, Venetian plaster with scales, render-set and brushed plaster), it can be used in a wide array of architectural applications. Just as in the past, the surfaces treated with this textured coating become scenic backdrops that give rooms a refined elegance without becoming ostentatious. Precisely because of these unique features, designers have a colour palette at their disposal that ranges from contemporary nuances to more classic tones.



The use of this product is not limited just to interiors of residential, commercial and hotel spaces as it can also be applied to external surfaces, adorning them with particular nuances and decorative effects.

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