Klondike Corten Top, the perfect rust effect for exteriors.

What is the Corten Effect?

Corten is an alloy formed of steel and other materials, including copper. A basic feature of Corten is oxidation on contact with the air, which then stops there, rather than continuing and corroding the material. The material forms a brownish patina, created by the oxides in its component, which prevent corrosion from progressing.



VALPAINT proposes KLONDIKE CORTEN, a coating for exteriors and interiors characterised by a burnished rust-effect finish. The visual aspect is highlighted by the distinct metal oxidations, which give the coating a very contemporary appeal. KLONDIKE CORTEN coating can be applied in the two available versions: KLONDIKE CORTEN MID and KLONDIKE CORTEN TOP, with the difference that the latter is more breathable and washable and also features the lotus effect, meaning that raindrops slide off the painted surface while taking away most of the dust in the process.



The KLONDIKE CORTEN decorative coating is extremely versatile, so it can be used for work of any type, from extremely large surfaces to small architectural details. Its specific metropolitan and contemporary effect is perfect for both modern houses and for recovery of historical buildings, focusing on design of both the interiors and the exteriors.

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