Polistof, the elegant finish for luxury hotels.

POLISTOF is a polychromatic decorative paint designed to provide a refined fabric effect. The idea for this very particular decorative product came from the desire to offer a paint which is not merely capable of reproducing all the colours of fabric, but which also gives the tactile effect of the fabric's weave. This exclusive VALPAINT product was also inspired by the luxurious residences of the past, the walls of which were covered with prized, elegant fabrics. Fashion and its fabrics also provided inspiration for the development of this decorative paint, and our new catalogue testifies to the fact, with images which recall the world of fashion, familiar to all of us as part of our daily routine.




POLISTOF is suitable for use in a wide range of settings. The option of applying it with a velvety fabric effect, or with the addition of glitter, makes it ideal for elegant, sophisticated settings where, in combination with artful illumination, it creates brilliant plays of light.




In addition to private residences, it also expresses its refined qualities in commercial settings such as shops and studios, and especially in luxury hospitality facilities, like hotels. In such settings it can be considered a fully fledged furnishing accessory, wherever it is used, because the designer can manage the product and its effects as he wishes, adapting it to the needs of his application in creating refined interior design projects.



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