Too simple to call it minimal..5 ideas to decorate your interiors using grey!

How often have you imagined to decorate your walls with shades of gray thinking to a minimal style . ? If you consider them flat and opaque, Valpaint offers you 5 different ideas to furnish every room with character and personality, in 5 different ways, but bearing in mind gray hues .

Cement, inspiration for Meteore 10 Cemento is an extremely varied material, which lends itself to be molded in different shapes and on different surfaces. Starting from this concept, Valpaint proposed an alternative material to the pure cement, translating it into a decorative effect.

Here the 5 solutions we propose :

1_ COMPACT CONCRETE EFFECT: The decorated surface appears slightly micro-perforated to simulate the irregularity of the cement, assuming a slightly marbled coloring, with light irregular areas, alternated with other darker ones, or even shiny areas, alternated with other opaque ones, thus enhancing the expressiveness of cement.




2_LARGE CEMENT EFFECT: This proposal is reminding the system of laying the cement, the formwork, which is prepared before casting the material. The finished work has a surface design that clearly highlights the concrete cast.




3_ SLIM CEMENT EFFECT: It highlights the pliability of cement for any type of construction. This effect recalls what is called "face-to-face cement", widely used in contemporary architecture. This realization consists in not covering the exposed surfaces with plaster or other materials but leaving them visible, highlighting their shapes and structural characteristics.




4_SCORED CEMENT EFFECT: In this case the cement turns into pure decoration. The scratching or scratching significantly characterizes the surfaces that, adequately illuminated, manage to create optical vibrations of great effect.




5_GROUND CEMENT EFFECT: The surfaces with this finish are enhanced by a combination of concrete blocks, reminiscent of travertine.




In contemporary architecture, cement has become a decisive element to give character to environments that otherwise could be absolutely anonymous.


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