Make the attic brighter during the day but also at night.

Very often the problem of attics is the low possibility of lighting them at night.    Valpaint has thought of a solution not requiring drastic interventions and exorbitant costs but  allowing  to exploit the natural light of the day, even at night. The attic so will be illuminated even at night, allowing its use.


The solution is called Magic Light! A non-toxic water painting that offers a new visual well-being without having to give up aesthetics. It can be applied as an additive or as a finish to most Valpaint decors. Magic Light is an alternative source of light in the event of darkness, making dark environments comfortable and safe, with significant energy savings.

The product has been tested by TUV according to DIN 67510 standards which guarantee its duration in terms of brightness, even after several hours of complete darkness.


Only 5 minutes of illumination are sufficient and, turning off the light, the decorated surface will gradually light up and then stabilize after a few minutes. Available in the Additive S90 and in the Finishing K100 version, it is very easy to use.

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