The return of the animal style also at home.

Known already in ancient Greece with the term zoote, today the expression animalier represents all those textures similar to animal skin. The animalier has always fascinated many designers, thanks to its many identities. It is a trend  having no seasons. Until recently animalier style has been mainly present in small objects and accessories,  but  in the last years also  the wall has been decorated  in an animalier  style .


Today the animalier style has also fully conquered interior design. From the living room to the office, the rooms are transformed into a jungle, thanks also to the careful work of interior designers who offer exotic and fascinating decorative paintings.


The animalier, although very fascinating, has an aesthetic force of great impact; we therefore recommend a moderate use, perhaps choosing only one wall inside a room and creating, with other decorative paints, a right combination of colors.

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