Chromotherapy in bedroom.

Did you know that colors can affect mood and well-being by acting on the psycho-physical condition of each of us? This is the basis of chromotherapy, a philosophy of thought combining different moods with different colors. Applying these principles to the various rooms of our house, you will have a much more welcoming place giving comfort and balance.

In the sleeping area, relaxation, calm and tranquility are the sensations that most combine sleep. For this you should use the cool colors that help you have a state of peace and well-being.

Blue, for example, is associated with calm and relaxation, fights anxiety and agitation, promotes sleep and balance. In contrast to red, it lowers blood pressure, slows down beats and breathing: it is perfect for the bedroom or the bathroom.

Indigo and violet also help to relax, convey a feeling of order and serenity and are in fact also recommended for meditation.

Green relieves stress and rebalances mood. It also favors concentration by adapting perfectly to the walls of the study area.

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