Did you miss a visit to Made Expo 2017? No problem, we are here to help. This year, we have tried out a new method of providing information on it: VALPAINT Social TV is screening scheduled Live accounts of the event on our Facebook pages.


The parts you can watch again when and where and as many times as you want are listed below.



Friday 10 March 2017 - 



Panoramic view of the VALPAINT stand at Made Expo







Decorative Trends in 2017


Interview with architect Alessandro Galimberti. Image and design consultant of the VALPAINT Show Room



Application of VALPAINT decorative paints with comment by Mara



Meteore 8 - Mavericks

The benefits for VALPAINT dealers

Interview with Jacopo Cavaletti VALPAINT Area Agent




- Saturday 11 march 2017 - 


Presentation of the VALPAINT team





Made Expo: results of the 2017 event

Interview with Angelo Licheri Italy Sales Development Manager