Soft - touch paints: soft walls pleasant to the touch


If you want a paint which leaves your walls and surfaces soft and pleasant to the touch, we have three very interesting solutions for you.


The wide range of VALPAINT professional decorative paints creates a variety of visual and tactile effects, including soft touch, which also offers an extremely unusual visual result.

All the decorative paints mentioned in this article are water-based and for interiors, so they are fairly easy to wash. They are also 100% Made in Italy.



They can be applied on a whole variety of surfaces, such as brick, plaster, glass, metal, wood, and on both flat and curved surfaces. They can therefore also be used for creative decoration of objects and furniture.




Valrenna is a historical VALPAINT decorative paint which has always been hugely popular for its elegance. The outstanding feature of this paint is the soft, warm and velvety tactile effect, like reindeer hide.

Valrenna is available in various colours.

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The impalpable softness of silk is the effect created by the VALPAINT Valsetin decorative paint. The soft touch effect is combined here with a brilliant and versicoloured visual effect, just like silk.

Valsetin is available in a wide variety of colours with metallic, golden and silvery effects. It can be applied with a brushed silk effect.


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Jungle Elephant

Elephant paint will surprise you with its three-dimensional, elephant hide effect. Soft and velvety to the touch, Jungle Elephant is available in a wide variety of colours, from the most neutral to the strongest. Imagine how great it would be to have a light-blue elephant in your home!

Discover all the colours available.


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