Warm colours for walls: 5 furnishing ideas

Yellow, orange, red, brown. Warm shades have always been used in interior design to add warmth and energy to the environment and enhancing them with a personal touch.

But what if we were to decorate the walls instead of only colouring them? In this article we provide 5 suggestions on how to use warm colours on walls in a creative and decidedly appealing way.




1 – Yellow in the scintillating shantung effect

The first idea we propose is to decorate the wall with an elegant shantung fabric effect enriched by scintillating specks. The outcome will be elegant and sophisticated – perfect for the living room. How can it be created? With the VALPAINT Polistof and Polibril decorative coatings.






2 – The amber colours of cement

A daring proposal with the cement effect, not with its cool shades but with its warmer and amber shades. The industrial effect will give way to a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Where can it be used? In the bedroom! With the VALPAINT Meteore 10 Cemento decorative coating (which offers as many as 5 application options).






3 – The intense Corten colour

The Corten effect is among the most sought-after finishes and blends in well with all types of settings. Its intense rusty colour is ideal for enhancing the living room environment. It can be created with the Valpaint Klondike Corten decorative coating.





4 – A room entirely covered in gold

Perhaps not on all walls, but if you cherish gold why not use it to enhance certain elements? The Sabulador Soft coating offers a decidedly interesting range of gold shades.






5 – The warm colours of nature

The warm and familiar effect of tree bark. A natural three-dimensional decoration with a pleasant tactile appeal thanks to the Jungle Corteccia decorative coating. We propose it in the warm shades of brown, but you can always dare with more intense colours!