Creating the marble effect with Meteore 10.

The range of ‘Meteore’ decorative coatings by Valpaint enlarges its assortment. After Meteore 8, with its shimmering colours, and Meteore 10 Cemento, Valpaint launches on the market the much-awaited Meteore 10 Marmorizzato coating.






The marble effect available in a myriad of colours

Meteore 10 Marmorizzato is a natural water-based coating for interiors. Its elegant and sophisticated appearance makes it suited to various types of settings, where it adds a visually stunning dimension to decorated spaces.


Meteore 10 Marmorizzato is available in many different colours, thanks to the Meteore 10 base supplemented by the Sabulador Soft finish.




Many solutions, limited stock

The advantages of Meteore 10 Marmorizzato also extend to the retailer. Indeed, the same Meteore 10 base allows for creating both the cement and marble effects; for the latter, the mere addition of Sabulador Soft (with its extensive colour range) is sufficient to obtain the desired outcome.


The technical sheet of Meteore 10 Marmorizzato 


The application tutorial video for Meteore 10 Marmorizzato.