Metal, stone and cement effect: when decorative coatings become tactile.

The latest interior decoration trends aim to recreate the tactile effects of other materials such as metal, stone or cement. Though these modern effects evoke the industrial style, their versatility makes them blend into various highly diversified styles.


How to recreate the metal effect

The Corten effect is one of the most sought-after finishes. With its rusty appearance, it is a genuine interior design must. With Klondike Corten, the VALPAINT water-based decorative coating, this effect can be recreated on both outdoor and indoor surfaces. Corten thus becomes an interesting option to add personality to walls, emphasise an element of the room or decorate the garden.

The Klondike and Klondike Light decorative coatings allow for obtaining metallic effects featuring intense or pastel colours (to which glitter can be added).







Cement effect in as many as 5 versions

Compact, large, slim, smooth and scored. As many as 5 different effects can be recreated with Meteore 10 Cemento. The colour range varies from the cool shades of grey to the warmer and amber shades.






Travertine and marble: discover how to create these effects with decorative coatings.

Travertine and marble are among the most widely used stones in the construction sector. Now, thanks to Valpaint decorative coatings, their effects can be easily recreated.

Meteore 10 Marmorizzato recreates the marble effect in several colours, while Rococò Travertino is a decorative coating suitable for both interiors and exteriors.