Whether it is a house in the country or a city apartment, a rustic style is simple and formed of harmonious natural elements.


While the fabrics and decorations add the final touch to the setting, it is the finishes which provide the frame within which to insert them.


These include earthenware or brick floor tiles, or, better still, wooden floors, and the walls.

We would like to focus on the walls. VALPAINT decorative paints can be used to obtain a warm and inviting rustic atmosphere in a relatively simple and inexpensive manner.



Rustic-style decorative paints


Soft and velvet to the touch, with warm and inviting colours. VALPAINT offers two decorative paints which are particularly suitable for rustic environments. Artecò 1 and Anticando, both in the version for interiors and exteriors.


Artecò 1 is a water-based lime product and exploits all the antibacterial and breathable properties of this natural material, as well as its ability to whiten pigmentations to the extent that they resemble the rural decorations of Renaissance Italy.

The second paint, Anticando, is also water-based and, thanks to its special formulation, is a highly breathable and washable product with particular antiqued effects.





Artecò 1 offers a wider and more intense range of colours, while Anticando highlights the brush strokes with more with warm nuances.




Neutral colours on shades of white should also be considered in deciding the colour of the walls. (Take a look at our Light Selection for more ideas).




Combine Corten with the rustic look.


The Corten effect is the latest trend: perfect for contemporary and post industrial environments. But can it be used for rustic environments as well? We say yes! If it is used to emphasise certain details, such as the fireplace, niches or certain objects.



Klondike Corten attracts attention and turns the walls it decorates into key elements of the environment. Like most VALPAINT decorative paints, it can be applied to various surfaces.

Not just walls, but also to duly treated wood, glass, iron, plastic and plasterboard. That is one of the reasons why it is a precious ally in decorating rustic environments.