A new look for Rococò: the historical decorative paint.

Rococò is one of the classic VALPAINT decorative paints and has been appreciated worldwide for decades.

Its perfect visual result, the colour stability and easy application are just some of the features which make this decorative paint so popular.


Many people associate Rococò with the classic style, but the wide range of colours and the versatility of this product make it suitable for many settings, even more contemporary ones.



The new Rococò catalogue - Venetian Stucco and Lime Putty.


VALPAINT has renewed the Rococò image to pay homage to its versatility: the new catalogue has a new layout, with new settings to highlight the different styles and a new range of colours.

The cold shades of grey, the warm shades of coffee and all the different earth shades now join the more classic ochre, pink and green shades, revealing new and unexpected methods of decoration.





The two application methods of Rococò are Venetian Stucco, with the Classic and Antique effects, and the Lime Putty with Antique effect.

It is possible to polish the surface after application to leave it washable and shinier.



See the whole Rococò range of colours.



See the video tutorial for the application methods.