Paint for exteriors: VALPAINT decorative products for outdoor use

Have you ever heard the expression “the skin of a building”?

It has become very popular in recent years as a way of adding a new dimension to architectural projects. Come to think of it, our skin is one of the most important organs of the human body. Regarded as a “boundary organ”, it separates the “inside” from the “outside”, preserving and protecting the internal organs against external stress. What’s more, it is a sensory organ that performs a crucial role in perception processes: our skin reacts with “chills” or “tingles” to stimuli, such as when we first meet a new person.

In a similar way, the shell of a building not only separates the inside from the outside, but also embodies a series of meanings that transcend the function we commonly associate with it.


The value of wall paint for exteriors

The “skin of a building” refers to all the materials used to create this element and thus has a unique value:

• facades, as they are commonly called, are without doubt the distinctive feature of a building. When we observe the facades, frontispieces and decorations defining buildings of bygone ages, we can still distinguish their distinctive features and the era in which they were built;
• technological progress and the strong emphasis on this element of the building has led to a detailed design which is often far more sophisticated than the architectural solutions adopted in the interiors;
• the “skin of a building” plays a decisive role in the project. The architectural composition of facades combines a variety of different materials, colours, volumes and door/window sizes that add character to the building.


Types of paints for exteriors: the VALPAINT solutions

In the architectural design of buildings, wall paints for exterior use are highly diversified: we can find the most technologically-oriented and modern solutions, just as well as minimalist versions and even traditional ones.


KLONDIKE CORTEN, the siloxane paint for exteriors

In recent years, the use of metal, more specifically rusty metal – in its renowned corten-finish variation – has earned widespread attention among designers and architects around the globe who have come up with some truly sensational solutions. One such example is the famous Caixa Forum Madrid designed by the Herzog & de Meuron architecture studio, in which corten steel is the project’s distinctive and decisive element. Another example is the project by the BUSarchitektur studio for the WU Campus in Vienna, in which corten is the real skin of the building.


VALPAINT, an Italian company leader in the development and production of decorative paints, has also chosen to draw inspiration from the beauty of corten to create a coloured paint for exteriors capable of embodying the characteristics of corten steel from an aesthetic and functional perspective.

KLONDIKE CORTEN by VALPAINT is a coating for exteriors and interiors that:

• is characterised by a unique colour, with nuances ranging from dark red to brownish that enhance the metal-like finishes typically associated with rusty iron;
• is unequivocally reminiscent of rusty iron also to the touch, since its surface is not perfectly smooth but slightly coarse;
• consists of micro-ceramic spheres which, together with its siloxane features, make it among the finest paints for exteriors;
• is able to offer very high mechanical performances: in its Top version, the water hitting the surfaces slides off with the typical “lotus effect”, carrying away dust and small impurities from the surfaces.

This paint for exteriors can be applied with two techniques that determine the final aesthetic outcome:

1. a polished-plaster effect in which the product is distributed more uniformly and evenly;
2. a streaked and dripped effect creating a pattern that resembles weathered iron.


METEORE 10 INTONACO: the paint for modern exterior walls

Another product that VALPAINT proposes for exterior coating is METEORE 10 INTONACO: a breathable paint for exteriors and interiors that allows for obtaining clean, uncluttered surfaces for defining sleek and modern projects.


METEORE 10 INTONACO is a natural textured water-based coating that reproduces the effect of plaster.

The product’s fundamental property, namely its naturalness, allows for obtaining a decorative paint for exteriors boasting exceptional workability that, together with its chromatic solutions, helps to create contemporary-style surfaces.

VALPAINT proposes METEORE 10 INTONACO in four versions, each expressing different aesthetic features to satisfy different design ideas:

• Polished-Plaster Effect: fully conveys the product’s naturalness with uniform surfaces characterised by a plaster-like texture in the various nuances available.
• Polished Plaster Effect with Scales: the resulting aesthetic effect is a uniform surface featuring small fragments of light that enhance the nuances used, thanks to the addition of a natural additive (mica chips).
• Render-Set Plaster Effect: a decorative surface created with a technique that allows for leaving more material on the decorated support in order to enhance its textured quality and create interesting light-and-shade effects.
• Brushed Plaster Effect: unlike the previous solutions, which involve the use of a trowel, this version relies on a brush which becomes the decisive element of the finish. The surface appears uniform with a tactile quality that allows for appreciating the product’s naturalness.


Would you like further details on the characteristics of the decorative paints for exteriors and to find out which type of paint to use for your creations? Also read Paints for exterior use: which should I choose? Discover the paints for exterior use by VALPAINT.

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