Wall paint effects: ideas for painting the home in 2021

How many times a day do we happen to say, “I’m so stressed”? Stress has become a typical aspect of contemporary life, but this does not mean we should sit back and allow it to overwhelm us.

One way to search for our own peaceful haven is to create spaces around us that are able to relax and soothe us, starting from our homes. How can we do this?

1) Let in the right amount of natural light: a non-artificial light source imbues our living spaces with a sense of calm and tranquillity, often difficult to achieve with other light sources such as light fittings and lampshades.
2) Bring nature into your home: if you are fortunate enough to have a garden, make sure it’s always within sight; if not, choose a few plants to keep in specific corners of your home.
3) Organise your spaces in a functional way: an efficient design, besides facilitating daily life, also helps to foster an unprecedented sense of calm in the setting.
4) Choose the right modern decorative paints for your walls: colours and decorative effects are two essential tools for creating an atmosphere that gives the impression of unity and harmony in a space. Not only that: colours can also have a considerable influence on our mood (for example, lively colours boost our energy, while softer hues have a soothing power).

VALPAINT, a leader in the decorative paints sector, through its Research & Development Laboratory, is constantly engaged in studying eco-sustainable and cutting-edge products capable of satisfying the emerging needs of the interior design sector.

Let’s discover together the VALPAINT decorative effects for walls and how to use them to combine visual appeal and functionality.


Painting techniques for sand-effect walls

Picture a wind-swept beach: the modern sand-effect painting techniques for walls are specially designed to convey the idea of a surface that is smooth but with different colour shades due to the shifting of sand in certain areas.

In the VALPAINT range of wall paints with special effects, the sand effect is recreated with SABULADOR and SABULADOR SOFT, two decorative paints for interiors featuring original and luminescent sand reflections.




SABULADOR and SABULADOR SOFT come in two different versions:

• LUX, the product’s long-standing version for a brighter effect
• MATT, the matt version (for further details also read “Special interior paints: the beauty of Matt VALPAINT top coats)

SABULADOR and SABULADOR SOFT are decorative paints that are:

• washable
• suitable for being coated over with any water-based paint

Elegance is the primary quality of these paints, which add a sophisticated touch to any setting, whether they are used in the light- or dark-coloured version.




Glittered wall paint effects

Among the paint effects for interior wallsglittered paints are certainly the ones most apt at creating a grand atmosphere.

To create this effect, VALPAINT has devised STAR, a special water-based additive that allows for embellishing modern interior wall paints, enamels and water-based protective finishes with glimmering coloured fragments.




The STAR additive can have up to 6 different glitter shades:

• Silver
• Blue
• Green
• Copper
• Purple
• Gold

STAR glittered paints must be added directly to the chosen paint, mixing the two products carefully before applying the final coat.

POLISTOF surely ranks among the VALPAINT modern wall paints in which the STAR additive reveals its fullest potential.

The presence of special glimmering micro-crystals transforms this fabric-effect paint into an even more unique product in terms of intensity and potential applications.

(For further information you can read Fabric-effect wall paint: all the features of POLISTOF)

Strictly reserved for teenager’s rooms or children’s rooms? Definitely not! Paint with glitter can enrich any environment.

It can be used, for example:

• in various strategic points of the home to make the setting appear more vibrant;
• to make over a room, giving it a different character: dark metallic effects add a definite punch; pastel shades instead convey a more elegant and feminine impression.



Marbled-effect wall paint

Want to revitalise a wall that seems too plain, or perhaps you have a column that needs a makeover? Painting walls with our marbled effect could be the right solution.

VALPAINT proposes METEORE 10 MARMORIZZATO, a stone-effect paint capable of enhancing the design, textures and also the shades of marble.



The technique adopted for creating the METEORE 10 MARMORIZZATO marbled-effect paint leaves the decorator’s able hands free to customise the colour, but above all the texture and pattern variations.

METEORE 10 MARMORIZZATO is perfect for all kinds of settings, bringing a touch of exclusive elegance and endowing decorated spaces with a striking and spectacular appearance. Also ideal for lovers of the modern but “lived-in” look.

The marbled-effect paint is often used also for painting countertops or backsplashes in bathrooms and kitchens.

In this regard, we will also mention VALPAINT E-VOLUTION Effetto Marmorizzato, a product that brings out the beauty of marble patterning and colour while withstanding moisture in all environments subject to damp.



Special interior paints: the Corten effect

Corten-effect decorative paints are undoubtedly one of the most interesting solutions for obtaining one-of-a-kind painted walls.

Thanks to KLONDIKE CORTEN by VALPAINT, it is possible to precisely replicate the unique rust effect with its distinctive metal oxidation marks.





Depending on how it is applied, the Corten effect of the paint can have two different textures:

• “dripped effect” which mimics the trickled look commonly found on slabs that have deteriorated through weathering;

• “brushed effect” characterised by a more uniform appearance of the paint.

Moreover, the decorative effects can be created

• both with KLONDIKE CORTEN MID and with KLONDIKE CORTEN TOP; besides being more breathable and washable, the latter also features the distinctive lotus effect: when it rains, the water droplets trickle down the surface of the decorated wall, dragging away most of the dust particles.

KLONDIKE CORTEN, formulated with micro-ceramic spheres in a siloxane base, is a product that can be applied both in interiors and in exteriors (in the Top version).

It is suited to any setting, including the living room, the bedroom and also the bathroom (a version for spas is also available), where it succeeds in creating a perfect balance between vibrancy and relaxation.


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