Vintage effect: a contemporary reinterpretation of decoration

“Nietzsche” would have called it the “eternal return”, but we could more commonly define it as nostalgia for a past that still speaks to us and moves us. Now more than ever, visual appearance is inspired by the iconic classics of the past, with the aim of stimulating a modernity that is always ahead of its time. This is the philosophy behind the new VALPAINT METEORE 10 CEMENT Catalogue, with the exclusive Vintage Effect, designed to give every wall a look that is both retro, almost nostalgic, but also contemporary.




This decorative effect creates a surface that brings out the more clearly defined material aspects, but also the more impalpable effects. The underlying concept is to propose once again decorations that, with the passing of the years, have been concealed by the succession of layers applied to the walls. Restoring lustre to surfaces with the VALPAINT METEORE 10 CEMENT Vintage Effect decorative paint means rediscovering the past with a simultaneous nod to contemporary decoration.




Stencilling can be used to recreate images and textures in every room, giving the surface an innovative appearance that evokes the past and reawakens emotions that were lying dormant.

METEORE 10 CEMENT Vintage Effect is perfect for modern and minimalist settings, where the retro effect will simply be a “recollection”.




The well-known and popular Compact, Large, Slim, Smoothed and Striped Effects are also present once again in the new VALPAINT METEORE 10 CEMENT Catalogue, to guarantee solutions to suit everybody’s needs.