2023 wall-colour trends: a guide to painting your home

Which colours are in fashion for home decorations? The trends for walls in 2023

Walls are a focal point of the home. We often overlook them, consigning them to a supporting role for all the rest of our furnishings, but in reality they are crucial in defining the identity of our living spaces.

That’s why the topic of wall-colour trends continues to garner attention year after year. In fact, a careful use of colours can help to create a unique atmosphere in the home, expressing a coherent style and becoming the defining characteristic of a room, no less than the furniture and fittings.

But what colour should you pick for painting your home in 2023? In this guide, we walk you through the trendiest shades of the new year.


What colours are on trend for walls in 2023?

New wall colours: Viva Magenta

Brave and fearless, a pulsating colour whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration. It is a colour that is audacious, full of wit and inclusive of all.


This is how Pantone describes Viva Magenta, the colour of the year 2023.


It is a colour of great power, a shade that descends from the red family, rooted in nature and expressive of a new signal of strength.

Its nuanced crimson red tone represents a balance between warm and cool. In the world of interior design, this allows it to lend itself well to a variety of situations: defining a space, on an item of furniture, or simply as a striking pop of colour.

And on walls? It’s perfect when used to set the stage for joyful furnishings packed with personality, or as an accent in more neutral, delicate environments.


How to achieve Viva Magenta on your walls using VALPAINT products

Using the VALPAINT catalogue of products, this 2023 trending colour can be achieved using:

• VALRENNA Col. 538 A




Terracotta-Brown: one of the newest trends in interior wall colours

In 2023, refined and sophisticated design speaks the language of two colours deeply inspired by nature: earthy brown and terracotta.

These two tones are perfect when used alone, whether contrasted with softer colours like sand or paired with shades of dove grey and beige to create a particularly elegant and tasteful tone-on-tone effect.

If the furniture features wood finishes, the two tones can also be paired to create an extraordinary sense of light and depth, contrasting brighter woods with darker paints and vice versa.


How to achieve Terracotta-Brown on your walls using VALPAINT products

Using the VALPAINT catalogue of products, this 2023 trending colour can be achieved using:


VALSETIN 2 ORO 709 + Col. 471 B



Shades of Blue, from Cobalt to Baby blue, are some of the trendiest for interiors in 2023

When it comes to paint, there can be no doubt that Blue is one of 2023’s leading palettes: from cobalt to light pastel blue and all the way to baby blue.

These shades spread tranquillity by their very nature and have a positive effect on our moods. That’s why they are particularly suitable for painting the walls of the rooms where we relax and spend our free time, like living rooms, night-time areas and even bathrooms.

But Blue has other advantages too as a paint for interiors:

• when used in large rooms, it increases the sense of space
• if contrasted with white, different shades of blue show up more clearly
• it can be used on large pieces of furniture, like a velvet couch or armchair, preferably with natural, sinuous lines; or it can create a fun and fashionable contrast on smaller accessories.

In any case, this 2023 trending colour allows you to give environments an undeniable sense of modernity and elegance.


How to achieve this trending shade for interiors using VALPAINT paints


• VALSETIN 2 ARGENTO 100 + Col. 453 G



Sophisticated Violet among the fashionable colours for walls

Violet, previously featured by Pantone in last year’s Very Peri (to see the trends for 2022, check out “Wall-colour trends: how to paint the home in 2022”), is making its presence felt again in the world of design in 2023, with a more sophisticated and, in certain senses, more refined shade.

Violet is a colour symbolically associated with creativity and romanticism, which has shown itself to be highly versatile in adapting to both modern and classic styles, characterising both daytime and night-time areas:

• in its darker, more intense versions, it’s perfectly paired with wood for a super-chic effect
• in little details like a set of cushions or an armchair, it helps to give a fresh twist to the whole room
• pair it with less obvious tones, particularly emerald green, for an interesting mix-and-match
• the most delicate hues of violet, like lilac and mauve, can be used on velvet fabrics or stained-glass accessories for a luxuriously elegant mix.


How to paint your walls Violet using VALPAINT products





Stylish colours for interiors? We’ve got to go green

The quintessential colour of natureGreen represents abundance, the ceaseless flow of everything it gives to us. Thanks to shades that bring to mind the colours of the Mediterranean coasts, you can bring a touch of nature inside your home, further bolstering the concept of sustainable design.

That means it’s not just a trending colour for 2023, but a source of inspiration for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Olive green is a great choice for furniture or walls, with plants to give the atmosphere a final touch, but there are other shades of green that can also help carry off this concept: from pastel hues to aquamarine, it’s the perfect colour for making your home welcoming and relaxing.


Get Green from the VALPAINT decorative systems

• POLISTOF Col. 350

• VALSETIN 2 ORO 709 + Col. 466 B



Minimalist white: a timeless colour for the walls of your home

We can’t speak about wall-colour trends for 2023 without mentioning one of the most classic options, a “colour that’s not a colour”.

They say black never goes out of style, and the same is certainly true of white. Paired with grey hues or with the addition of golden accents, it’s the cornerstone of a perfect monochrome minimalist interior.


Get White using the VALPAINT decorative systems






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