Glitter-flecked walls: ideas for spectacular spangled surfaces

Glitter-flecked walls: 3 ideas for creating spangled surfaces

Below is an extract from an article published on Vanity Fair and written by the social-commentary journalist Paola Jacobbi:

Until the year two thousand, there was a huge gap between the fashion industry and the jewellery sector. All you had to do was flick through magazines and glance at the adverts to have proof of this. They were all the same. A coveted object that popped against a black and blue background. Then, more or less at the time that clothing minimalism faded from the public eye, a longing for maximalist allure exploded on the scene and jewellery became part of prêt-à-porter as well.

Although the writer is referring to jewellery, this concept also applies to interior design and wall paint in particular.

Today, the glitter-paint trend has entered the mainstream. And it isn’t difficult to see why:

1) spangles in paint catch the light in all the right places and contribute to a stylish sophisticated setting



2) glittery coatings for walls are an excellent way to brighten and elevate variousrooms in the house


3) even if space is at a premium, glittery paints add an exquisite touch to surrounds and give an original vibe


4) Spangles and sparkles are just the way to refresh and personalise a space


Glittery additive for paint: VALPAINT’s STAR

A leader in the decorative and wall-paint sector, VALPAINT has created a special water-based additive for interior use containing colourful specks that reflect light and showcase painted and decorated surfaces to perfection.

STAR can be mixed with decorative paints, enamels and waterborne paints to bring some shimmering sophistication and glitzy glamour to any room.


STAR colours for the best glittery interiors

Our STAR additive is available in 6 different shades for easy adaptation to a variety of surrounds and a tailored glitter effect that will bring the best out of any wall, however diverse.

For instance, white spangled paint has a lustrousness that will not only make the room look brighter, but also bigger. Conversely, if you mix glitter with a dark hue, it will usher in serious sophistication.

The trick is to choose a tint of glitter that matches the prevailing colour you have selected for room redecoration. The most popular are:

• Golden glitter: this pairs perfectly with neutral shades, like cream or ivory, but also with warm autumnal and earthy hues which include brown, red, yellow and orange;
• Silver glitter: this combines beautifully with colder tones of white, but also with black, blue and grey.

But VALPAINT’s STAR has immense potential which is not limited to “traditional” colours. This additive is also available in:

• blue
• green
• copper
• purple

How do you paint with glitter?

Painting with VALPAINT’s STAR glitter is as easy as one, two, three. All you need to do is pour the additive directly into the paint and mix thoroughly before applying the last coat.

One piece of advice: if you intend to paint all four walls, the glitter effect must be extremely subtle, almost imperceptible and blended into a white paint base. Otherwise, if you want an impactful shiny appearance, we recommend working on one wall only to avoid an “overdone” look.

Paints for glittery walls: 3 suggestions from VALPAINT

Here are 3 original ways to create sparkly walls with a wow factor by using the STAR additive and VALPAINT decorative effects.


KLONDIKE is VALPAINT’s metallic decorative effect with a refined contemporary vibe.

Using it with the STAR additive allows you to create marvellously-modern spangled walls with stunning colours and gorgeous nuancing that brings the beauty of gold, silver and oxidised effects to the fore.



Surfaces decorated with KLONDIKE LIGHT mixed with STAR will enchant the eye with the snazzy metallic specks trapped in the paint, yet will also delight with its signature velvety texture.



As mentioned before, the STAR additive makes for excellent glittery-wall solutions even when we need to use a “hi-tech” decorative effect such as water-dilutable enamel.

In such a case, the practical advantages (let’s not forget that VALPAINT’s DECORATIVE WATER-DILUTABLE ENAMELS V55 MATT - V88 SATINÉ are not only antibacterial, water-repellent and environmentally friendly, but have also been specially formulated to combine traditional mould-resistant properties with the innovative hi-tech power of silver ions which stop bacterial growth and keep surfaces and interiors sanitised and antiseptic) fuse with the unbeatable aesthetic that only a spangled surface can give.


Ideas for glittery dove-grey walls


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