Special paints: wall-decoration ideas with a Christmas vibe

Christmastide is a time of year like no other. Cities are resplendent with colour, light and ornaments that emanate peacefulness and envelop us in a cosy atmosphere of joyousness and serenity.

Whichever way you turn, we see red, gold, silver and green - a riot of colour which we immediately associate with the warmth and merrymaking of Yuletide.

This is why we have decided to draw inspiration from the colours of Christmas for this guide about creating special paints.

Basically, as Wassily Kandinsky said “Colour is a means of exercising a direct influence upon the Soul.”


Special modern paints: how to create unique effects with Christmassy colours

Defining the colours that represent Christmas is easy enough - red, gold, silver, green and blue win hands down every time. In spite of the best efforts of directional designers who try to subvert tradition with unusual shades like purple, fuchsia pink and even black, the conventional colours stand their ground.

But why are these hues so steadfastly popular? It’s quite simple. Christmas colours are extremely meaningful and deeply rooted in our traditions. And it is more than apparent that society has no intention of giving up traditions.


So, here is a series of special wall paints that tap into the magic of Christmas, spreading a little cheer throughout all the rooms in your house.

Wall paints for the kitchen: have you ever thought about red?

Red is the colour of fire. Warm and welcoming, it epitomises vitality and inexhaustible energy.

This is why a red wall is particularly suitable for daytime rooms. A perfect choice for an open-plan kitchen which overlooks a living area, it looks best when counterpointed by light-hued furniture (we recommend however that you only go for red if your kitchen is spacious).

How do you create this wall colour?

A market leader in the decorative-paint sector, VALPAINT boasts a wide array of decorative effects within its collections which will allow you to create some amazing looks with this shade. Some of these are:

• POLISTOF - 339, the decorative effect that bridges the gap between coloured paint and fabric, bringing a touch of finesse to any surrounds. What is more, as this fabric-effect paint has been created using state-of-the-art technologies, it delivers safety, resistance and washability and is the perfect solution for a kitchen that is not only aesthetically refined, but also highly functional.

• SABULADOR – 440 A, a water-based decorative paint for interiors flecked with eye-catching gleaming specks of sand which will literally set your red walls alight with sophistication.


Special paints for the living room: green is an exquisite choice for the lounge

Green has always symbolised hope and encapsulates the idea of new beginnings. It is the colour of nature that stirs and engenders life in springtime.

Whatever shade of green you pick, it will elevate the walls of your living area, ushering in a sense of beauty and reconnecting you with nature. Green has an ageless aesthetic, evoking images of verdant lushness that will suit a whole range of different styles, from a contemporary to a classic look.

Green plays a major role in VALPAINT’s special colours for interiors as well, a range which explores this luscious colour with different tones and textures which will help to build relaxing, balanced and informal environments.

• POLISTOF 363 or 369
• VALSETIN 2 – Gold 536C: the water-based decorative paint which boasts the sumptuous handle of silk and brings an air of exclusiveness to classic and modern settings alike.


What about silver? It's one of most popular special-paint choices for the bedroom

Silver carries connotations of light and sovereignty, having much in common with gold. These two hues share the throne and rule the colour universe (it is not by chance that the Egyptians were convinced that the flesh of the Gods was gold and their bones were silver).

Of the various kinds of paints, silver might seem to be difficult to match and layer. But actually, if you do your homework before applying it, silver makes for a chic refined atmosphere. It allows for countless combinations and fits with lots of different colour schemes, conveying an idea of a curated setting and a harmonious sense of balance.

With VALPAINT's decorative paints you can create unique walls for the cosiest room in the house. Some ideas are:

• POLISTOF 389 – 392



Special paints for children's bedrooms: the verve of yellow and gold

Gold brings to mind light which casts out darkness. It is a kind of glorified yellow which is already a remarkably regal colour in its own right.

Used (with the right amount of restraint) on the walls of youngsters’ bedrooms, it is an original and clever way to refresh a setting with a minimum effort. But proceed with caution when it comes to the rest of the furnishings and décor.

With VALPAINT’s VALSETIN 2 (especially the 709 Gold and 496E shades), the sublime softness of silk and the shimmer of gold marry magnificently, allowing you to create unique settings that will fulfil any aesthetic requirements.



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