VALSETIN 2: characteristics of the silk-effect paint and how to apply it

A commodity in whose name wars were waged, empires conquered and trading enterprises undertaken, sealing the fate of men and entire civilisations. What else but silk? Still today silk is considered to be one of the most precious fabrics in the world, an unequivocal symbol of nobility and elegance.


Such a coveted material had to be part of VALPAINT's collection of special wall paints and effectsVALSETIN 2 is a water-based decorative paint whose texture, consistency and ability to catch light usher in a “thousand and one nights” atmosphere with a surprisingly contemporary feel.

Let’s take a look at the technical characteristics and design potential of VALPAINT’s silk-effect paint!


When elegance means safety too: VALSETIN 2 certification

Settings created with VALSETIN 2 silk-effect paint are in a league of their own in terms of refinement and elegance.This paint enables us to personalise any interior-design project, whether it be a classic or more modern one, because each single setting will have a life of its own tinged with enchantingly refined hues.



But VALSETIN 2 is not just about aesthetics.All the studies and research work carried out by our in-house laboratories have paid off and this decorative effect has received prestigious certificates which testify to its quality and performance as regards the health of people living in the areas where it has been used.

Indeed, this silk-effect paint:
• does not contain dangerous substances (FREE OF PAHs, APEO, FORMALDEHYDE and AMMONIA).

 is FORMALDEHYDE-FREE, in other words, it does not release formaldehyde into the environment.

 is VOC-LOW, meaning that it is very low in volatile organic compounds, which are deemed responsible for certain air pollution effects and are dangerous to human health.
• is ranked among the Class A+ products.


VALSETIN 2: how to prepare surfaces

If the surfaces have previous layers of paint or the such like:
• remove old, peeling and poorly-adhering paint and wash the surface with suitable soap. Fill any cracks when the surface is dry. Once the filler has dried, sand the surface to make sure it is smooth;
• next, apply a coat of PRIMER 400 diluted 50% with water to act as a fixative;
• after approximately 4 - 6 hours at 20°C, apply a second coat of undiluted PRIMER 400.

On the other hand, if the surfaces are smooth, new or intact without any peeling or flakiness:

• only sand where necessary to achieve a smooth surface;

• only apply the undiluted PRIMER 400 to filled areas;
• after 4–6 hours at 20°C, apply PRIMER 400 over the entire surface to achieve optimal coverage;
• after 4 hours at 20°C, proceed with the application of VALSETIN2.

N.B.: PRIMER 400 should be applied using a wool Roller, Brush or Spray Gun with criss-cross strokes to obtain a higher degree of surface coverage.

Beware! Prior to application, PRIMER 400 should be coloured with your chosen VALSETIN 2 colour.



1) Effetto Seta Spatolata

Spatula-Stroke Silk Effect: Apply a thin layer of VALSETIN 2 using the PV 43 stainless steel trowel.

After having covered roughly 1 m2, apply VALSETIN 2 with criss-cross spatula strokes in all directions, so as to create the satin, iridescent and soft effects reminiscent of silk.

Once the application is complete, work over any imperfections by reapplying VALSETIN 2 with a spatula and creating light-and-dark reflections as described above.



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