Decorative wall paints for interiors: the colours and shades of nature inside the home

Furnishing accessories made of wicker and rush, palettes featuring earthy nuances, wooden panelling, textile materials such as flax, jute, rattan, and so forth.
We can call it the “natural trend” but this mood actually reflects a lot more: it embodies the desire to introduce into our homes the positive influences, tranquillity and harmony we find when we are immersed in nature.


The revival of simple materials is an increasingly popular trend in the interior design sector. However, we shouldn’t make the mistake of considering it a purely stylistic necessity. After the difficult year behind us, reconnecting to nature has become a pressing need which translates into the search for functional but also decorative solutions that convey warmth and recreate a relaxed atmosphere.

This change has inevitably influenced the entire design world and all the materials revolving around it. The decorative wall paint sector has also begun to privilege sober combinations which can be personalised with a rigorously “earthy” palette: light colours, the beige scale and warm shades, such as desert sand.

The resulting coloured walls reveal a mix of material textures that are deliberately imperfect, where natural light and the “green” style merge to convey a delicate and warm atmosphere.

The same characteristics we find in the new decorative paints for interiors to familiarise with for recreating a personal “natural trend”.


The textured essence to the fore in the special paints for interiors

VALPAINT, a leading Italian company in the decorative wall paint sector, has embraced this new “natural” trend.

Thanks to extremely rigorous formal research, the company has devised special paints that are able to generate “live” settings and recreate the feeling of being outdoors, while evoking the soothing effect of natural landscapes among the walls of home.

These special paints for interiors include:

METEORE 10 INTONACO, the special-effects wall paint that resembles plaster

METEORE 10 INTONACO is a natural textured water-based coating designed by VALPAINT for reproducing the effect of plaster in its many variants. Its decidedly natural connotation and easy workability make it ideal for creating surfaces with different textures offering a variety of tactile impressions.
The available nuances are also perfectly attuned to this new decorative approach inspired by nature and its impressions.

As a result, this decorative paint becomes a furnishing element capable of defining spaces that look modern yet have a sophisticated allure.


SABULADOR and SABULADOR SOFT: new painting techniques for interiors, for creating sand-effect walls

Bright and intense, the SABULADOR and SABULADOR SOFT decorative paints by VALPAINT add intensity and character to spaces, optimally interpreting any idea conjured up by land and nature.

This effect is achieved thanks to the bright sand reflections which capture the eye while adding a dynamic dimension to the walls. The performance of this decorative paint is truly unique: not only does it add colour to the environments, but also functions as a furnishing element enhanced by both natural and artificial light.


3) METEORE 10 CEMENTO, the modern paint for interiors for cement-effect walls

Cement is a new trend in contemporary architecture: transcending its merely structural function, it has become an attractive decorative element for recreating urban moods.

METEORE 10 CEMENTO by VALPAINT was created with this precise intention. Thanks to its textured quality and the many different colours available, this decorative coating for interior walls can assume countless shades. The interplay of light and shade created by this paint emphasises its “natural” aspect and enhances the resulting effect in different ways each time.


2) VALSETIN 2 and VALRENNA: new painting techniques for interiors, for creating fabric-effect walls

When we refer to fabric-effect paints that evoke the warmth of natural landscapes, we cannot overlook VALSETIN 2 and VALRENNA.

VALSETIN 2 is an elegant and sophisticated paint for interiors that reflects the refined quality of silk. By choosing the right shade, exclusive settings can be created in both the classic and modern styles, bringing nature right into the home.


The VALRENNA finish is instead soft to the touch, its material quality recalling the softness of suede or buckskin. Thanks to these qualities, it can be used to create plush atmospheres that are the epitome of elegance and refinement.


The desire and need to reclaim our “normal” life, capable of easing the pressure we have all felt during this difficult time, translates into a stronger attraction and a more respectful attitude towards our surrounding environment. In addition, this renewed desire for outdoor life is reflected in the constant effort to furnish our homes with natural elements that recreate environments where nature and living spaces can interact to balance opposing forces, allowing us to enjoy a high living comfort.

Stated plainly, “Looking at beauty in the world is the first step of purifying the mind” (A. Ray). And starting again.


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