Colour trends for 2024 and wall paint suggestions from VALPAINT

Shades of the future: colour trends for 2024 and suggestions from VALPAINT

Interior design has always been an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of different factors: from setting up spaces to selecting furniture, and from picking out materials to using colour to make the most of every room.

That’s why for those involved in this world, the colour trends that come and go year after year play a central role in bringing the spaces we live in to life.

Specifically, 2024 heralds the arrival of a thrilling journey through the colour palette, inviting us to explore new aesthetic horizons where every colour has a story to tell, every hue is rich in emotion and every shade creates a unique atmosphere.

In this guide, you’ll find out about the colour trends for 2024 and the decorative paints from VALPAINT that best show them off, in order to redefine the spaces we live in, translating feelings and ideas into a visual language.







1. Shades of emotions: pastel colours are in vogue for 2024


The delicate, relaxing hues of pastel colours are sure to conquer the world of interior design in 2024.

From powder pink to mint green, these shades can create a welcoming and soothing atmosphere, bringing a unique sense of personality to all your living spaces.

But that’s not all: their potential also includes the possibility of playful shading and unusual brushstrokes.

In fact, as these shades are particularly light and delicate, they offer unprecedented creative opportunities. Harmonious combinations of such hues allow remarkable effects to be achieved, transforming walls and furniture into modern works of art. Pastel tones, accentuated by shading and soft materials with rough finishes, represent a new concept of timeless elegance.

Unusual brushstrokes,used strategically, can be an expressive way to create intricate decorative motifs or simply to infuse vibrancy through pops of colour. Whether taking pride of place on a wall, or simply hinted at on furniture and details, these brushstrokes constitute a visual language expressing individuality and creativity, making every room a statement of style.



2. Contemporary nostalgia: the colour palette that brings past and present together


fusion of timeless classic style with contemporary practicality comes to life in neutral hues like white, beige and brown.

These tones, which are often associated with solid, low-saturation colours, help to create an atmosphere of calm and serenity. Neutral tones in a harmonious symphony of colour provide a canvas on which to paint a design narration that bridges past and present, elegance and functionality.


3. Poetic materials: the luxury of metropolitan style


Metal and cement are the stars of 2024 furnishing trends, with rough, irregular surfaces bringing a truly original appearance to furniture.


These innovative and changeable surfaces form a distinctive element of modern design and allow creatively personalised spaces, giving rooms an authentic, lived-in look at odds with cookie-cutter contemporary perfection.


In this way, luxury is redefined to embrace a “run-down” style which remains aesthetically elegant and technologically advanced.




4. Earth tones: new colour trends embrace materiality and sustainability


At a time when reality seems to be slipping further and further into the abstract, design is embracing the language of the material world, bringing us back to the tangible, authentic roots of things.

The colour trends for 2024 invite us to engage seriously with materials and with sustainability. Interiors come to life with a wealth of natural elements, where masterfully crafted raw materials and warm hues become the beating heart of rooms, characterised by an imperfect beauty that makes them truly charming and unique.

Interiors become a harmonious extension of nature itself, with every detail carefully studied to exist in perfect balance with its surroundings.

5. Colour contrasts: drenching spaces in a full immersion of colour


An explosion of vibrant colour boldly defining the character of a room: Colour Drenching is a key trend for 2024.

At the heart of this aesthetic is the use of large blocks of solid colour, which can create dynamic motifs and accents within the room. The colour block becomes a magnetic focal point, whether in the form of a vibrant wall or an eye-catching piece of furniture.



Planning to paint your house in 2024? Here are some suggestions from VALPAINT


VALPAINT offers sophisticated, customisable solutions which are perfect for capturing the essence of the new colour trends for house walls in 2024.


The pastel colours of Shades of Emotions with VALPAINT decorative products

 ref. 446A and ref. 447A+GOLD G100: pastel hues created to capture the essence of the Shades of Emotions trend. With its soft, attractive texture, this metal-effect paint creates a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. Delicate shades and raw finishes make every wall a unique work of art.

• SABULADOR SOFT ref. ARGENTO 100+471E: an elegant fusion of refinement and versatility. The subtle shades and “soft” finishes of this sand-effect paint are perfect for creating welcoming atmospheres, where calm and serenity reign supreme. Moreover, its ability to adapt to different aesthetics make this decorative solution the ideal choice for those who want to paint their home with 2024’s trending colours.

• VALRENNA 2 ref. 456A and ref. 425A: VALPAINT’s fabric-effect paint produces a delicate tactile result reminiscent of the softness of suede or velvet, embodying the essence of pastel colours in all their shades and purity. Its versatility, which is also guaranteed by the vast range of tones available, enables the creation of unique, sophisticated and delicate environments.

 ref. 1247 and ref. 1270: the combination of delicate shades and soft materials is celebrated harmoniously thanks to the versatility of V55 MATT and V88 SATINÈ. These IDROSMALTI DECORATIVI hydro-enamel decorative products allow spaces to be personalised to achieve your desired effect: softer and more soothing in the matt version, shinier in satinè.


Past and present come together in paints from VALPAINT


VALPAINT offers a unique range of decorative products for a stylish interpretation of the Contemporary nostalgia trend: products that evoke an elegant atmosphere in which the timeless beauty of classic style is fused with contemporary practicality and functionality.

 ref. 187 and ref. 185: an homage to classic luxury, with a modern reinterpretation. The marbled effect captures the essence of that material’s eternal elegance, transforming surfaces into timeless works of art.

• VALPAINT E-VOLUTION ref. 158 Marbled Effect and ref. 425B Smooth Effect: the epitome of a style that brings past and present together into a single look. This transparent bi-component resin can be applied both vertically and on floors, making surfaces compact and continuous and preventing unsightly and unhygienic grout lines between the tiles.

• ROCOCÒ TRAVERTINO ref. 301 and ref. 304:  gives any space the feel of times past, inspired by Rococò art and architecture. The travertine-style finishes create a sense of refinement and bygone times, combining classic and modern charm.

• VALSETIN 2 ref. ARGENTO 700+472G and ref. ARGENTO 700+466E: an homage to the nostalgia that celebrates every detail of timeless beauty. Elegant and refined, this decorative product imbues rooms with their own personality thanks to an exquisite effect reminiscent of silk.


VALPAINT wall paints to achieve the Poetic materials trend

METEORE 10 CEMENTO ref. 121 Streaked Effect, ref. 120 and 131 Compact Effect: the cement-effect finishes capture all the strength and solidity of cement material in this decorative product, creating a unique visual and tactile experience. This makes it possible to produce spaces that express authentic stories, where the “new” and the “old” are seamlessly blended.

• KLONDIKE FERRO Galvanised Oxidised Effect: brings the industrial aesthetic to the forefront, celebrating the strength and resistance of iron. This product from VALPAINT transforms environments into industrial works of art, with an end result that visually evokes the raw beauty of this material

• KLONDIKE CORTEN ref. 108: embodies the unmistakable beauty of weathering steel, with finishes that emulate its distinctive rusted effect. This paint offers a fusion of elegance and strength, bringing life to spaces that stand testament to the passage of time.

• SABULADOR EXTERIOR ref. 831: with its irregular, somewhat tactile surfaces, this paint has been designed to decorate exterior walls for a refined effect.

• VALPAINT I-BETON ref. 479A: a paint for interiors that allows a modern interpretation of completely uniform spaces, helping to create continuity even across changing surfaces.

• VALMETAL: there is no better decorative product when it comes to showcasing the beauty of metals than VALMETAL, which enables the creation of a realistic metallic effect. In fact, the product’s different nuances enable decorative results with a high aesthetic impact, celebrating the visual and tactile appeal that only metal can offer.


Materials and sustainability in VALPAINT decorative products


The Earth tones trend finds its truest expression in VALPAINT products, where nature and sustainability come together in a palette of warm colours and organic materials.

• METEORE 10 INTONACO ref. 469A and ref. 435B: captures the solidity of traditional plaster, creating a surface that reflects raw and authentic earthy beauty.

• ARTECÒ 7 ref. 480 B1 and ref. 482 B4: thanks to a range of warm colours which embrace natural earth shades, this paint transforms surfaces into eye-catching canvases on which colour expresses movement, beauty, light, harmony and emotion.

• ROCOCÒ Stucco Veneziano / Grassello di Calce: celebrates the ancient tradition of lime plaster, bringing a touch of history to modern surfaces. With colours reminiscent of the earth itself, this paint transforms interiors into spaces rich with the notes of nature.

• METEORE 10 CEMENTO Vintage Cement Effect: adds an original touch to the Earth tones trend. With decorative motifs evocative of nature, this paint makes it possible to create unique environments imbued with the simple, authentic beauty of the earth.


VALPAINT brings vibrancy and creativity to the  Colour contrasts trend

 ref. Oro 709+531B and ref. 428 B: here’s your key for successfully pulling off the Colour Drenching aesthetic. With a vast range of vibrant, saturated colours, this paint offers the freedom to create unique environments bursting with life, where colour plays the starring role.

• VALPAINT I-BETON ref. 491A:adds a modern touch to the Colour contrasts trend thanks to finishes that emulate cement. This paint’s versatility allows you to play with bold colours, creating dynamic accents within spaces.

• METEORE 10 INTONACO ref. 534B and ref. 599B: with its plaster surfaces, this paint offers an immersion in bright, intense colours, transforming walls into a riot of vibrant tones.

• VALSETIN 2 ref. oro 709 + 531B: brings a touch of luxury to the Colour contrasts trend. Its silky finishes and bright colours add elegance to your spaces, creating an environment where colour and sophistication are one.

• IDROSMALTO DECORATIVO V55 MATT AND V88 SATINÈ ref. 1200, 1162, 1139: thanks to their matt and satin finishes, these hydro-enamel decorative products allow you to play with colour depth and brightness, creating attractive and welcoming atmospheres.



In a world that’s constantly changing, the choice of colours and finishings plays a crucial role in the creation of spaces that embrace the latest design trends. VALPAINT has claimed its rightful place as a go-to for those who wish to transform interiors and exteriors into unique masterpieces of colour.

From the reassuring tones of the palette for the Shades of Emotions trend to the timeless refinement of Contemporary nostalgia, not forgetting the expressive powers of Colour contrasts and the authenticity of Poetic materialsVALPAINT offers a vast range of products that can stylishly interpret any trend.

High-quality, sustainable and innovative decorative paints to make any environment an authentic reflection of your design style.



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