VALPAINT modern decorative paints

Special paints for interior use - all the most advanced and innovative solutions for decorative wall paints and exclusive ranges. VALPAINT offers you a new way of decorating surfaces with unique visual and tactile sensations. The result is a spectacular decorative effect with appealing and refined design solutions. Always safeguarding the environment and human health.
A wide range of decorative paints for interior and exterior use with special colour effects and over 20 different finishes.
A range of products that makes decorated walls more hard-wearing, hygienic and easy to clean.
A broad range of products, in liquid or powder form, that enhance the paints and decorative finishes for interior and exterior use with glossy, sparkly or metallic fragments.

Tutte le decorazioni pittura nella finitura che preferisci

All decorative paints are available in your favourite finish VALPAINT is one of the leading manufacturers of decorative paints in Italy from a technological point of view. VALPAINT offers a wide range of decorative wall paints and exports them all over the world with a network of over 400 resellers.

Finished projects made using VALPAINT decorative wall paints

Find out how VALPAINT decorative wall paints can be used to create beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces.

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