Seaside and holidays: decorative effects combining sand and water.

Do you crave the sea and holidays all year round, not only during summer? If you cannot spend all your time travelling, we’ll give you some tips for bringing the summer to your home. How? With a few decorative paints, of course!


The sand effect is a classic of wall decoration. Thanks to the Sabulador decorative paint, you can choose between a myriad of colours and further enhance the outcome with the glitter effects of the Star additive. Sabulador can be applied in two ways: with the Sand Dune effect or with the Grand Canyon Stratified effect.

For a more delicate outcome that is softer to the touch but with metallic effects, try the Sabulador Soft decorative paint.




The beach combines with water: from the waves of the sea to the deep blue of the pool. With the Mavericks decorative paint you can magically create the various reflections of water.



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