The most suitable paints and decorative finishes for utility rooms

Corridors, studies, pantries and laundries: all precious corners in your home where essential activities take place such as cleaning, washing, storing clothes, shoes and other gear. But often these areas are neglected during interior decoration. In terms of wall surface, it is paramount to use scuff and scratchproof paints which are also easy to wash down. But does the whole thing have to look ugly? No way.


Many decorative paints can be used for utility rooms to good effect and they also meet another important requirement: they are cheap.



The most suitable VALPAINT decorative paints for utility rooms


V55 Matt and V88 Satiné are two VALPAINT decorative finishes which are particularly suitable for utility rooms and public spaces. Extremely easy to wash and bumpproof, they are certified for use in areas where food is handled. Available in any of the 1,950 shades from the NCS colour sample book.





On the other hand, if you prefer a good colour, opt for the water-based Millicolor Eco and Sabula 2 paints. The former has an attractive vintage look whilst the latter creates a subtle sandblasted look effect with a velvety texture.

They both boast guaranteed ease of application, added toughness, washability and they are easy on your pocket.

What colour? Whatever your heart desires!


Are you ready to glitz up your laundry room?