BIO-MINIMAL: when nature meets high-tech

A relaxing and modern environment: the BIO-MINIMAL style stems from nature’s encounter with high-tech. The result is a stress-free environment combining the sober lines of the furniture and the natural quality of the colours and materials. Bio-Minimal interiors privilege light alongside the lightness of furnishings and the stone grey and natural wood colours, which offset the lively green and pomace shades. Nature enters the home to bestow well-being and comfort.



How to create the Bio-Minimal style with VALPAINT decorative paints


Meteore 10 Cement, Klondike Corten combined with Valsetin (pomace Ref. 509 + 429 A) or Valrenna 466 D.



Wood furnishings and linings or lively colours to brighten up the environment. Just a few brush strokes of the right colours and decorative paints are needed to create the BIO-MINIMAL style.




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