Exotic Tech: the technological and ethnic styles meet.

A new interpretation of the high-tech style. A return to the ethnic style, re-proposed with a more refined touch?


The fact is that the use of animalier patterns, ably mixed and combined with the sober lines of modern architecture, is the genuine surprise of 2016. The colour range expands the traditional black/white combination to include the more exotic shades. Even the slightest interventions turn out to be actual design details.







VALPAINT decorative paints and colour palettes to recreate the Exotic Tech style


The range of Jungle decorative paints is perfectly suited to recreate the Exotic Tech style.

There are 9 decorative paints inspired by the jungle theme. They are fresh, innovative and extremely creative.


If you prefer plain colours, Valrenna and Valsetin - with their soft-touch effect - can recreate an impalpable and delicate sensation. With our recommended colours and effects, combined with a few ethnic details, the Exotic Tech style is assured.