Cement effect: introducing Meteore 10

Compact, Smooth, Scored, Slim, Large. There are several types of cement, and Meteore 10 Cemento - the new natural water-based paint for interiors by VALPAINT - recreates the material’s visual and tactile effect amazingly.


Meteore 10 Cemento is an extremely versatile textured decorative paint attuned to modern and up-to-date environments, where it recreates the perfect urban and industrial style.

It comes in a wide range of colours, from the warm and cool shades of grey to the softer pale pink.




Moreover, Meteore 10 Cemento offers extensive application options: at least 5 different methods can be used to create the following effects:


-        Compact Cement effect

-        Compact Large effect

-        Slim Cement effect

-        Smooth Cement effect

-        Scored Cement effect




The application cycle and tools required for applying the paint vary depending on the desired effect.


In the VALPAINT website it is possible to view all the video tutorials of the applications as well as all the colour sheets.